who we are ?

Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 with headquarter located in Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province of China and three production bases located in Zichuan, Gaoqing, China and Vietnam as a leading enterprise of battery additives worldwide.

As a member of the CBI, a China national high-tech enterprise, Jinkeli participated many China national standards drafting and provides additives solutions for battery industry including pre-blended expanders for all type of batteries, Vanisperse products, humic acid, barium sulfate, carbon black, 4BS seed, graphite, stannous sulfate, antimony trioxide and other products.

Implemented IATF16949 quality management system, lean manufacture, and digital management to ensure product excellence, stability and reliability, Jinkeli has long-term and stable partnership with more than 300 customers worldwide in 30 countries.

High quality product

Innovation is the continuous driving force for the development of Jinkeli. Jinkeli Battery R&D Center was established in 2008, dedicated to the research of advanced battery materials and technology. With more than 30 research talents, advanced equipment, and battery testing circuits, the center has achieved a number of breakthrough achievements.

Company introduction

Jinkeli has combined industry resources to build the world's leading international collaborative R&D platform, established CBI Jinkeli Technology Innovation Center, built joint laboratories with Borregaard, Cabot, Yunxi and H&V, continuously strengthened innovation with customers. Depth cooperation with universities and colleges, continue to promote the research of new materials and technology to provide customers with advanced battery solutions.

Jinkeli has always been customized focus with individual customers and will continue to provide more valuable products and service to global customers.

In the future, Jinkeli will work with the core strategies of "adhering to technological innovation and internationalization", and strive to become a global leader providing complete solution for battery additives.