Technology R&D

Jinkeli Battery Technology R&D Center was founded in 2008., and has built joint laboratories with Borregaard, Cabot, Yunxi and H&V. The R&D center is responsible for research and development of advanced formula, new product and materials as well as new technologies.

  • Established

    Jinkeli Battery Technology R&D Center was established in 2008 and passed CMA/CNAS laboratory certification.

  • International R&D team

    It has a core R & D team composed of more than 20 outstanding battery technology people and more than 10 internationally renowned industry experts and consultants.

  • Collaborative R&D platform

    7 independent laboratories and 5 collaborative R&D platforms, we are committed to the research of advanced battery materials, formulations and new battery processes and technologies to provide complete solutions that meet customer needs.

  • Five major battery applications

    The formation of Jinkeli pre-blended expanders as the core of the research, technical support platform through the optimization of battery design, manufacturing technology covering 5 major battery application areas: starter, start-stop, motive, energy storage, backup batteries

Global collaborative
R&D platform

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