Product details

The Vanisperse series products of sodium lignosulfonate manufactured by Borregaard are made of Norwegian spruce wood with a tree age of 50 to 60 years as the raw material. It is obtained from the original solution of spruce wood sulfite through separation, fermentation and other process. It is a worldwide preferred lignin product for battery manufacturers and used as a negative additive to prevent negative shrinkage, increase capacity, improve low-temperature cranking and cycle life etc.

The existing Vanisperse series products include A, HT-1, DCA and AT.

Product name

Vanisperse products from Borregaard

Product characteristics

Vanisperse® A:  All applications have good results

Vanisperse® HT-1: Improve cycle life at high temperature 

Vanisperse® AT: Enhance low temperature performance; Reduce water loss

Vanisperse® DCA: Improve charging acceptance; Improve dynamic charge performance and capacity.