Product details

JSC series of Nano-Silica Sol is a kind of homogeneous nanometer-sized waterborne dispersion of monodispersed Silicon Dioxide. It is used as the gelling agent for Gel Electrolyte. As a specially recommended product to the global battery manufacturers for Gel Electrolyte solutions, it provides not only the necessary strength and structure that the Gel Electrolyte requires, but also provides extra activity and permeability which the ordinary gel electrolyte cannot reach. Low dosage of this product can improve the performance significantly on both GEL and AGM-GEL batteries and help to promote cleaner productions.

Product name

JSC silica sol

Product characteristics

High purified materials: low impurity (Fe, Cl) content

Stable structure: uniform spherical small particle size with compact structure and high BET

Easily handling: no pre-treatment needed, low viscosity and easy to handle

Easily controlled: easy to control the gelling time & gel strength and no stratification

Wide application: suitable for different types of Gel Batteries with different structures

Improve battery’s performance: lower internal resistance and extend cycle life Cost reduction: save storage and mixing cost, less dosage and cost-effective

Safe and clean: non-toxic and dust-free, harmless to workers and environment-friendly