Time:2023-10-10 10:27:06

CBI Jinkeli Technology Innovation Center Establishment

CBI Jinkeli Technology Innovation Center and Advanced Battery Material Innovation Research Institute inauguration ceremony was successfully held in Jinkeli on 12 September, 2023. 

CBI Jinkeli Technology Innovation Center is the first technology innovation center established 

by the alliance in China, which will focus on uniting the international advanced innovation 

forces and strengthening the joint development of cutting-edge technologies in the 

international battery industry.

The Advanced Battery Materials Industry Innovation Research Institute, jointly initiated by 

Shandong University of Technology, Zichuan District People's Government and Jinkeli, will 

focus on key technologies in advanced battery materials and related fields.

The establishment of two important institutions in Jinkeli is a new milestone in the 

construction of the company's innovation platform, which will surely realize the 

normalization of international technical exchanges in the battery industry, promote the 

innovation and development of the global battery industry, and boost the high-quality 

development of the new energy and new material industry in Zichuan District.

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