Time:2024-01-13 09:58:12

Jinkeli New Energy Co., Ltd regarded as national level high-tech enterprise

On December 28, the Office of the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Leading Group Office released the second batch of high-tech enterprise registration lists for 2023 certification by the Shandong Provincial Recognition Agency. Shandong Jinkeli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the national-level certification High-tech enterprise certification.


High-tech enterprises are special qualifications recognized by the state for key-supported enterprises with independent innovation capabilities and high growth potential. It is one of the important honors for my country's scientific and technological innovation enterprises. The high-tech enterprise certification this time is the relevant department’s full recognition of Jinkeli New Energy Company’s technological innovation, R&D capabilities and market competitiveness. It will help enhance the company’s brand image and play an important role in promoting the company’s future innovation and development.

In the next step, under the correct leadership of the head office, Jinkeli New Energy Company will continue to innovate in technology research and development, work hard on production management, and continue to promote high-quality development of the enterprise.

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